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About Us

Apart from a recess during the Second World War the Waitomo Aero Club has been going strong for over 80 years. The club rooms structure grew from the horse racing days of the 1930’s and the buildings historical significance is documented in the National Archives. Because of the experience and enthusiasm at the club, interest comes from a large catchment area of Hamilton in the north to Mokauiti in the south. We even have members from Blenheim.

Flying competitions held on the first Sunday afternoon of each month are well attended and is fierce. Spectators also find the competition entertaining. This is a contributing factor in our success at Regional and National events.

Our airfield has a consolidated 800 metre metal runway of which 500 metres is sealed. Private and Commercial Pilots in the course of gaining their qualifications have used our aircraft. A Cessna 172 is available for training and private hire at reasonable rates.

Visitors are welcome to visit any Sunday.


Student Pilot licence

A medical by a Civil Aviation Authority approved doctor is required before flying an aircraft on your own. Medicals are categorised depending if you intend to fly for a career or just for recreation. More information can be obtained from our professional team.

Recreational Pilot licence

At time of writing this can only be obtained if the applicant has a current Private Pilot licence. Renewals can be obtained from a General Practitioner.

Private Pilot licence

This permits the pilot to command an aircraft with passengers. This could lead on to other categories such as Commercial licence.

Instructor ratings

An Instructor development programme is being developed to cater for the needs of current and future members. For more information please contact our Chief Flying Instructor Malcolm Reynolds.

Commercial pilot licence

Permits the Pilot to fly an aircraft for hire and reward. This can lead to Instructing and or Airline careers. We have had pilots that have trained at our Aero Club that have continued into flying careers.

Type Ratings in Our aircraft

Each aircraft type requires approval before flying. This can be arranged by our instructors.

Biannual flight Reviews

Commonly known as a BFR. This is required once every two years and is a flight assessment which our team of professional Instructors can evaluate with you.


We operate a Cessna 172, which is available for training and private hire at reasonable rates. This aircraft has four seats which is perfect to take family and friends for flights anywhere in New Zealand. With more than 43,000 aircraft with several model variants delivered, the Cessna 172 is the best-selling, most-flown plane ever built. This aircraft also enjoys a distinguished reputation as the safest general aviation aircraft available. The Cessna 172 is a top performer, showcasing the agility, stability, and durable strength that Cessna is famous for.


Flying with an Instructor


Flying Solo


It’s a good idea to take a trial flight when thinking about aviation, either as a hobby or career. This is simply a 20 minute flight with one of our friendly instructors and you take control under their expert guidance. Once you’re sure you’d like to take up aviation, the starter pack is a great way to kick start your training. It’s a great value for money option to get you into working on gaining your private pilots licence.

Starter Pack

  • First three lessons
  • Club Membership
  • Logbook

For more detailed information on our licencing and rates please
contact one of our professional Instructors using the details below.


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